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Astro-Palmist & Therapist

Mr. B.D.Kothari a 50 years old cool personality having more than 30 years experience in astrological field since 1977. He opted astrology as full as career and start as a professional consultant. Today he is world famous astro-palmist and therapist.


  • Office of Astrology since 1979 styled as "Siddharth Astro-Palmistry Center".
  • In 1984 went to USA to get more experience in astrology and Therapies.
  • Gave several talks and interviews in Television magazines.
  • Member of American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.
  • Disciple of OSHO known as Swami Dhyan Siddharth since 1981 & experienced
  • Several meditation techniques & Therapies in Poona (India) and Rajneesh Pooram(USA).
  • Organized and conducted NOS. of therapy camps, meditation camps and lectures individually.
  • Predicted & forecast of highly qualified, several IAS and IRS officers, ministers & Chief ministers, Actors in several countries.
  • Predicted & forecast of many foreigners of all over the world.
Lalit Kothari Sanjay Kothari Devanutosh Kothari
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